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Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Finding out the gender of your unborn child is a feeling like no other. From the moment expectant parents get that positive pregnancy test, they begin imagining what their child will be like, who he/she will look like, and what his/her future holds. While some parents choose to live in suspense until the day their child is born, others want to know their baby’s gender as soon as possible! Gender reveal parties and photo shoots have become very popular in recent years and the search for creative, fun ideas is never ending. An occasion this momentous deserves much more fanfare than your OB/GYN’s office can provide.

Here at The Bump Studio, we want to offer our moms and dads some unique options that are sure to make this special day even more memorable.

These are a few ideas we love:

He or She, Pop to See!

The Bump Studio makes it easy for our parents to have a stress-free and impressive reveal. Our 36” giant gender reveal balloon is pre-filled with confetti to shower you in pink or blue upon popping. After your gender determination appointment, we can provide you with the correct balloon. All you have to do is bring it to your local party store to be inflated on the day of your gender reveal. It makes for adorable photos and a real WOW moment.

Baby Booties

Here’s a way to get all your guests in on the excitement. Wrap up a pair of blue and pink booties in separate bags and bring them to your appointment. Ask your Bump Studio sonographer to mark the correct bag and bring that one to your party. Fill identical bags for each of your party guests with gender neutral socks (you’re sure to use those no matter what the gender!). Have someone read your love story with the words “right” and “left” strategically placed throughout the story numerous times. Each time those words are read, guests pass their bag to the right or left. At the end of the story, everyone opens the bag they are holding and one person will have the pink or blue booties! We did this at my gender reveal party, and it was incredibly emotional.

Confetti Cannons

Who doesn’t like a countdown!? Gather up your friends and family and countdown to a confetti downpour! These cannons add so much excitement to the party. As the confetti flies and lands, the gender will be revealed with the color that was once concealed.

Bows or Bowties

At your ultrasound appointment at The Bump Studio, have the sonographer seal the results in an envelope. Pick out a special outfit/item for a boy and one for a girl and have the cashier ring up and gift wrap the correct one while you aren’t looking! It will be like Christmas morning when you open it at your party!

Party at The Bump Studio

Our studio is available to rent for gender reveal parties and showers. Invite your family and closest friends to come with you to The Bump Studio for your gender determination! There’s plenty of room for everyone to gather around in our studio to view your baby and find out the gender on our 75” TV. Then the party continues right there! Your guests may even chip in to purchase a bundle to be used later in your pregnancy so you can see your precious baby’s face! (Recommended between 28-32 weeks.)

Did you do a gender reveal party or photo shoot for your bundle of joy?

Share in the comments or post your idea on our Facebook page. We’d love to add it to our gallery to help inspire other expecting parents.