The Bump Studio | Memphis Ultrasound Services
The Bump Studio is Memphis’ premier Ultrasound Service. With the best equipment, staff and studio, The Bump Studio is the best venue to see your child for the first time.
Memphis Ultrasound Services
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Memphis Ultrasound Services

22 May Memphis Ultrasound Services

Aside from medical facilities, The Bump Studio is one of very few options for Ultrasound in Memphis, TN.  We are happy to service not only Memphis, but the surrounding areas.  We have even sold bundles to many few out-of-town visitors! Our services range from 2D to 4DHD Live and our quality really is incomparable! Most of our ultrasound bundles include photo prints, CDs of all images, and DVDs of all movements.  Booking of ultrasound sessions can be done online at or by calling us on the phone at 901.512.6456.  If you happen to be driving through East Memphis, pop into our convenient 923 S Yates location to book! We would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have about the ultrasounds we offer.  We encourage you to bring friends and family for the ultimate ultrasound experience.  Our spacious studio room comfortably accommodates up to 12 guests.  Come gather around our big screen for a peek at your precious little one.  Leave with beautiful color prints and a disc of all the images taken during your session.  Certain bundles include a DVD of movement.  These ultrasounds are much different that what you might expect from a sterile, medical environment.  Imagine The Bump Studio as a special retreat.  Much love and care went into creating the most inviting place possible. We want to share in your joy! The bundles we sell are the most relaxing ultrasound experiences available in Memphis.  If you are interested in experiencing the newest ultrasound technology in a warm, spa-like space, The Bump Studio is the place for you.