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The Bump Studio is Memphis’ premier Ultrasound Service. With the best equipment, staff and studio, The Bump Studio is the best venue to see your child for the first time.
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Expecting Mothers Gift Basket

26 May Expecting Mothers Gift Basket

Is there anything better than a gift basket?  When you have this great of a retail selection, it’s an easy thing to build!  We truly have it all here at The Bump Studio.  The range of products we have to sale allows you the option to put together a really wonderful gift basket for any expectant mother in your life.  The Bump Studio is one of very few locations carrying the Visha skincare line.  Currently, we offer the Mommy Purifying Cleanser and the Bump 2 Baby Lotion.  If shopping locally is something you’re interested in, you’re in luck!  Developed right here in Memphis, these products are specifically formulated for moms!  We suggest at least one of these awesome products when building a gift basket.  We also have a variety of stuffed animals that contain a baby heartbeat recording.  You can choose between a lamb, bunny, puppy, giraffe, lion, or bear.  We know, we know, it’s a tough choice!  Among our favorite practical gifts is something called a Baby Shusher.  Simply twist the device on, and the soft noise will put baby to sleep quickly and let Mom and Dad relax.  This is a staple for any new parent, and a great addition to your gift basket.  The Shusher brand also makes a gift set.  And guess who sells them? Ding ding ding, The Bump Studio does, of course!  As far as apparel goes, we carry onesies made by our very own neighbors at The Shirt Place. The Bump Studio onesies are our most personal gift for your basket and a stylish way for baby to represent!  We carry many Lucy Darling gifts including Month Stickers in 4 adorable designs and Baby Books as well.  Our retail selection is growing all the time.  And of course, all of the items mentioned above are for sale individually if you’ve already got a basket started that you’d like to add to! Come into 923 S Yates and we can help you put together the perfect basket.  Our store hours are Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm.  If you are a vendor, or have suggestions of adorable gift items, let us know!