The Bump Studio | 4D Ultrasound Memphis
The Bump Studio is Memphis’ premier Ultrasound Service. With the best equipment, staff and studio, The Bump Studio is the best venue to see your child for the first time.
Memphis Ultrasound Services
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4D Ultrasound Memphis

14 May 4D Ultrasound Memphis

The Bump Studio is the premier 4D ultrasound facility in Memphis, TN.  Located conveniently in East Memphis, our studio offers 4D ultrasound packages in a comfortable environment. The goal is to provide you with an experience like no other.  We are one of very few options for boutique 4D service available in the Memphis area.  These 4D Ultrasound bundles are recommended for anyone between 14 and 36 weeks who want a more personal alternative to the medical ultrasounds provided in doctor’s offices.  As a new locally owned and operated business, The Bump Studio hopes to bring something special to Memphis, TN.  Whether you are expecting for the first time, or adding to your family, we want to be part of your journey.  The quality of 4D ultrasound photos preserves your growing baby in a more realistic, more defined way.  These services are becoming quite popular across the U.S. and The Bump Studio is happy to bring this option to Memphis.  In addition to the 4D experience, the Bump offers HD Live, gender determination, adorable retail gifts, gift certificates, and more.  If you are looking to book, you can do so online at or by calling us at 901.512.6456.  We encourage you to bring friends and family for the 4D experience.  Our spacious studio room accommodates up to 12 guests.  Come gather around our big screen for a peek at your precious little one.  Leave with 4D color prints and a disc of all the images taken during your session.  Certain bundles include a DVD of movement.  We sell stuffed animals with enclosed recordings of your baby’s heartbeat! If you have further questions about 4D ultrasound, please see our website FAQs.  Hydration is an important factor for obtaining the highest quality images possible.  As hot as Memphis is this time of year, drinking plenty of water should be at the top of all of our lists!